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Learn the moves.

Each Core Coaster Package comes with an 11"x17" Instruction Guide featuring all 4 Levels of exercises. What levels can you master?

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Travel with them.

Completely portable, the Core Coasters go where you go. Perfect for stashing in your car or in your travel bag.

Add the band.

Adding the resistance band to an exercise that is a bit too difficult is a great way to practice your form and build up the strength to shed the band. After you master Level 2, the resistance bands can be used to add resistance to exercises such as the Mountain Climbers.

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All surface.

We designed the Core Coaster to roll on multiple surfaces including: Carpet, Rugs, AstroTurf, Wood, Laminate, Cork, Asphalt, Concrete, Linoleum, Foam, Rubber, Marble and Tile.